Energy and Utilities

The industry has been in the middle of a huge transition driven by dwindling energy sources, rising energy demand, changing government policies, and increasing activism.

The industry has been in the middle of a huge transition driven by dwindling energy sources, rising energy demand, changing government policies, and increasing activism. Our solutions help customers improve reliability, efficiency and return on assets, and better engage customers. We also support our customers with real-time analytics to take control of grid data and implementation of enterprise applications. Avani Systems solutions enable utilities to modernize their technology assets to support new business models while reducing cost. We can help with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and its integration with distribution automation, building newer customer information systems, consumer portals, and meter data management. Avani Systems provides end-to-end support throughout the ongoing transformation. We enable seamless integration of newer systems with legacy systems, supported by cyber-security solutions.

Demand Response Systems

Avani Systems helps utilities integrate demand response solutions to reduce peak energy consumption in the grid, which is a key feature of demand response systems. Informed demand response is a vital step to smart energy management. Avani Systems’ demand response solutions help increase system consistency and avoid blackouts, and enhance the capacity of electricity system delivery. Energy challenges today and tomorrow require a smart infrastructure that can address both. We help our customers capitalize on investments in new infrastructure in a more economical way.

Our solutions can efficiently manage the new challenges caused by the increase in sustainability programs, and growing number of regulations. The advancing smart grid will need demand response programs to accommodate these challenges. We help customers effectively and economically remove energy from the grid during peak times, and persuade consumers to take an active role in handling energy consumption. This helps utilities offer demand response capacity, boost their operations, and communicate with customers.

Smart Grid Analytics

Avani Systems Smart Grid Analytics solutions deliver accurate reports and analytics that enable our customers to handle their data, improve operations, and raise customer value. We help customers increase grid consistency and decrease grid management expenses and customer satisfaction.

Avani Systems develops analytics solutions to counter concerns regarding grid reliability. Our customers can take in and process data with analytics. We organize data from different domains swiftly thereby reducing the expenses related to management. We can build analytics directly into the database eliminating the need for external facilities.

Process & Metrics Testing

Avani Systems offers rigorous testing support at multiple release levels including ‘fix’ support for the production system. Automated meter reading is a process of reading an electronic meter remotely resulting in minimum cost and improvement in operational efficiency of the organization. This system eliminates the need for a meter reader visiting individual establishments to read the meter manually. This is a strategic tool to improve customer service.

Key features

  • Analysis of existing systems for integration
  • Suitable for working across multiple products
  • Design, build, and deployment support
  • Program management and production support
  • Enhanced network management and demand generation

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